You Saphhire Plug-in is in use on Another Machine

No it isn't.  I checked.  I checked all of the Avids in the office, and none of them have the same serial number.  Then I shut them down, one by one, until you let me use Sapphire again.  So I know edit bay 5 is the culprit here.

And edit bay 5 has its own serial number!!!  Gah!  And both bays have been working just fine for the last six months since we installed sapphire on these new assist bays.

In this case, I don't even care what caused this.  I'm also not going to bother calling Genarts and waiting two hours for them to call me back.  Uninstalled the serial on bay 5, and then reinstalled it.  All fixed.

WTF Avid?  Seriously WTF.


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