The full text of this error message is:

  Player version of frame duration is longer than actual [183] (183)

My sequence was totally fine when I saved it, and then avid just decided to remove a frame of filler from the end of one of my audio tracks, which meant that when I opened my sequence back up again, this gem of a bullshit error appeared.  Thanks, Avid, for fucking up my sequence!

See, you can't physically remove *filler* - that's like deleting nothing.  But Avid can, because Avid is magic.  And then Avid says, "Oh shit dude, you've got a track with less than enough filler, because that's totally a thing that can happen!"

Right, thanks for letting me know, you giant, flaming turd of a program.  Here, let me cut some filler back over the spot where there used to be filler, and then you can stop yelling at me for the filler you somehow managed to lose.

Dumb errors are dumb.


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