Monday, October 2, 2017

Avid Behaving Badly #19: Instructions for Uninstalling Out of Date AMA Plug-ins Don't Exist

Seriously Avid, how is this acceptable?  The latest versions of Avid (8.6+) require brand new AMA plugins from nablit, instead of the old ones from Sony.  Okay, great.  The instructions for upgrading to the new plugins say, and I quote:

Note: The nablet plug-ins and the legacy Sony plug-ins cannot coexist on the same system. Having them both installed will result in unpredictable behaviors of the editing application.

Okay.  Um...  That sort of begs the question:  How do I uninstall the old Sony plug-ins?

Maybe Avid's website will help (oh my god, I can't believe I just typed that sentence).

Please uninstall previous AMA plugin, prior to installing any updated AMA plugin.
Note: The nablet plug-ins and the legacy Sony plug-ins cannot coexist on the same system. Having them both installed will result in unpredictable behaviors of the editing application.

So that's a no.  Well what the fuck, Avid?  You can't just tell me how to uninstall this shit?  Of course not.  By now I should know better than to expect able customer support from you.  Let's try Sony...

Lastest version from nablet GmbH. Development of the AMA plugins for all Sony formats has been taken over by nablet GmbH. Learn more.

Well that's fucking dandy.  Okay, I have a way to do this.  A way that sucks dong.  I'm going to just download the old AMA files and install them on a clean computer.  Then I can just see what files show up, find those on my Avid, and delete them.  HOW THE FUCK DOES THE ENTIRE INTERNET NOT KNOW HOW TO UNINSTALL THOSE FILES???  Fuck you, entire internet. 

And now I've done that, and I'm posting what those files are for you, dear reader, so you don't have to download all this shit.  Because god damn it someone needs to be a responsible adult around here and clearly Avid, Sony, and Nablit can't be fucking bothered.

Actually - the downloads for the Sony AMA plug-ins contain a pdf file that does say how to uninstall these files!  So, you know, the way to get rid of the files to get them again first.  Yay?  I don't even know anymore.  Here are the instructions for Mac users like me (sorry PC folk.  Actually no, I'm not sorry.  You made a choice and you're going to have to live with that).

XDCAM AMA Plug-in Uninstall Instructions Mac:
  1. 1)  Navigate to <SYSTEM DRIVE>/Library/Application Support/Avid/AVX2_Plug-ins/AMA/
  2. 2)  Delete the MVP_SonyXDCAMEX.avx and SonyXDCAM.avx files
  3. 3)  Empty the Trash to completely erase the files from the system 
There you go.  Now let's download some more out of date plug-ins that no one fucking wants to download and see which other files in my AVX2_Plu-ins folder need to be deleted.  Seriously is it too much to ask for this .pdf to just be ON THE FUCKING WEBSITE?  God damn it, Sony.  Think with the brain part of your heads.

For SRPA plug-ins (which I think is HDCam SR?), the file you want to delete is:

  1. MVP_MSP_Sony_SRDeck.avx 
And finally, for PLAV plug-ins, which somehow means "Sony RAW" files, the file you want to delete is:

  1. MVP_MSP_SonyRAW.avx 
So there you go, kids.  Someone finally put these fucking instructions online.  Oh yeah, delete this shit BEFORE you install the new nablit AMA plug-ins or shit gets weird.

Peace out, bitches.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Avid Behaving Badly #18: Avid AVC-Intra 100 Still Exists

Has anyone, in the last ten years, ever intentionally used the Avid AVC-Intra 100 codec for fucking anything?  Seriously.  I would love for someone to speak the fuck up here and tell me why this shit ass codec still exists.  Because holy fuck is it ever a shitty codec.  It's low res, poor quality, and has a huge file size.  There is literally zero reason you'd ever use it.  DNx36 is a baller-ass pimp codec in comparison, and don't even get me started on the best codec ever made, DNx145.  WHAT THE FUCK, AVID?  CLEAN YOUR FUCKING ROOM.  Seriously, there's so much old "legacy" bullshit in this program that just has no goddam reason for existing.  Just in case anyone from Avid is reading this, let me enlighten you:

AVC-Intra 100.  Fuck you.

Motion effects that aren't "Timewarp."

Resize, reposition, etc. effects that aren't "3D Warp."

For that matter, if you can promote the effect to anything, WHY FUCKING HAVE IT?  You know what I do when I have to fix someone's shoddy graphics work?  The first goddamn thing I do?  I PROMOTE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF IT.  Half the time that fixes any render issues right there, without any actual work needing to be done.  I'm just sayin'.

Why is "play" still a command you can use, when "play/pause toggle" exists, and - while I'm asking - why the everlasting fuckstobber is "play" a default key???  Get that weak ass shit the fuck outta here, Avid!

And why is "group" an option when "multigroup" exists and does the same thing as group does when you're selecting only one group's worth of clips??  WHY?  It's like Avid is giving me two cups, one that holds only six ounces, and one that holds an unlimited goddamn amount of liquid, and then telling me to choose which one to use every single time I need to use one.  GUESS WHICH CUP ALWAYS WORKS, AVID?  FUCKING GUESS!!  Do you need thirty-seven menu items in the fucking hamburger menus?  NO, you fucking don't.

You know what else you don't need?  Any of the fucking wipes.  Good god.  Either there's a shitload of editors I've never met who don't understand how animatte and the paint effect work, or all of these wipes are just shitty layovers from 1970's effects that have no business in an NLE to begin with.  Seriously, these effects are so easy to reproduce with the other effects you have, WHY HAVE THEM AT ALL???

And what about that useless fucking "info" tab in the main project window?  Why does that worthless stepchild of a tab exist?  You know what happens when I click it?  I get a window that has two fucking buttons in it, and no info at all!  I can click that "hardware" button to get some hardware info, but why the shit-flinging gibbon isn't that just the default display here?  You know what makes one editor good and another great?  The great editor minimizes button presses.  They probably also don't take time out of work to type angry fucking blog posts, but whatever, fuck you.  So get that redundant and unnecessary shit out of my face, Avid.  Clean your shit up and figure out why the fuck any of this crap exists.  Make it justify it's worthless-ass existence.

AVC-Intra 100...  It's cute, Avid.  Totally cute that you think people use or even want this crap.  People used to think rock music was the devil, it was okay to own other people, and a horse and buggy was the pinnacle of transportation technology, but we got past that bullshit somehow.  Time to pull your own weight, Avid.  For fuck's sake.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Avid Behaving Badly #17: Caps lock disables when Launching the Title Tool

What the actual fuck, Avid.

Why???  WHY!?!?  Why would you make it so that the button I press when I want CAPS to STAY THE FUCK ON disables itself every time I open the Title Tool Application?

Jesus Christ, Avid.




(Avid 8 only).