Avid Behaving Badly #17: Caps lock disables when Launching the Title Tool

What the actual fuck, Avid.

Why???  WHY!?!?  Why would you make it so that the button I press when I want CAPS to STAY THE FUCK ON disables itself every time I open the Title Tool Application?

Jesus Christ, Avid.




(Avid 8 only).

UPDATE: As of Avid 8.5.6, there is an option to turn this "feature" off. Go to: Settings > General and then uncheck the box marked "Enable Caps-Lock Protection (clears and restores on focus change)." I wonder what other lovely "features" Avid has added lately without documenting them or including a means of changing them in the initial release? UGH.


  1. I feel you dude. Avid sucks fucking ass but somehow it's the industry standard. #StandUpAgainstAvid

  2. Judd, it heartens me to see you still raging against Avid's complete "what the fuckness" in 2017. Thanks for your insights and laughs over the years!

    1. I aim to please! Thanks for the kind words.


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