Avid is still better than Final Cut #1

Despite how god awful Avid is, and how much it just hates my face on a daily basis, sometimes I am forced to use Final Cut, and when those times happen, posts like this will follow.


This is a magic key in Avid.  It's the "focus" key, and instantly transports me to a frame-sized view of my timeline.

In Final Cut, this command doesn't even exist.  Seriously, you have to drag two different scroll bars in order to get to frame sized timeline view and then make sure you're viewing the timeline at the point where you want to be viewing it.  What the hell?  Frames are where art and dreck are separated in editing, and Final Cut doesn't want me to be able to play with them at all!

So while Avid may tell me to kiss its ass and - because I pressed the wrong thing - it's now going to spend thirty minutes displaying audio waveforms over a five hour timeline, at least I can willfully and instantly zoom to a frame-size view of the timeline with a single button press.  Avid may be crap, but at least crap was food at some point and is - to some forms of life - nourishing.  Final Cut isn't poop; it's toxic waste.

To put it another way:  Avid may hate me, but I hate Final Cut.


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