Failed to Save Bin

This is one of the few errors that actually - and correctly - describes the problem that caused the error (in this specific case):

Failed to save bin, BIN_NAME, to
Changes will not be saved.
The volume is full.

Sweet, my drive is full.  Well, I'll just click OK, clear some space off the drive, and then save again.

Hrm.  Fairly insistent little bugger, isn't he?

I'll double check.  Okay, yeah, well Avid, there's definitely 63.9 GB free on this volume now.  Maybe you should refresh or something.  Oh, wait, you don't do that anymore.  Thanks... dick.

Oh yeah, remember how I said "In this specific case" up above?  You can also get this same error message due to a bug in Import settings.  Basically, when your import settings are set to a full or read-only drive, Avid will try to import to that drive, even if you specify a different drive to import to in the import dialogue box that appears when selecting "Import..." from the drop down File menu. Even though it tries to import to the drive in the Import settings, Avid will tell you that your other drive is full.  Good times.

The lesson here is to always specify which drive to import to in the Import settings window, and never believe that any choice you make in the pop up dialogue box when actually importing something will have any effect on your import.

Because assuming that Avid doesn't work in the way that it says it does is the only way to make Avid work at all.


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