MCSettingsMgr::WriteCoreSettings: failure writing setting group

Well, if you like pictures (and who doesn't?) you're going to love the issue du jour.  Near as I can tell, this error is really a non-issue, but what the hell, let's check out how horribly Avid handles it!

You know how it goes:  You're just sitting at your desk after a long day and you're getting ready to head home.  You close all of your bins (because you're a goddamn responsible adult) and you quit out of the project.  When this bullshit happens:
What the fuck, Avid?  Why do you crash when quitting so much?  Okay, let's click "continue."  Oh, sweet, some more debugger code:

Ugh.  Whatever.  Avid's assertions be failin' left and right, yo.  Okay, continue again...  Oh fuckballs.  It's the first error again.  And so forth.  Forever.  Eventually you'll either force quit Avid (which is probably the thing I should have done), or you'll notice that there's a brief period of time between each debugger message during which the progress bar appears with "filesystem busy" displayed on it.  Be quick (like a bunny) and hit Command-Period to cancel whatever the fuck process is waiting for the busy filesystem.  Ahh, good - a new error that's actually being "handled" by Avid.  Sort of.  We all know how Avid gets about errors:

Okay, so Avid can't save the project settings.  WHO GIVES A SHIT, AVID?  WHAT THE FUCK DO PROJECT SETTINGS EVEN DO?  Seriously, the project settings are those things that you delete when your project says you can't open it because a duplicate file already exists.  All they do is break.  They're like the fucking appendix of Avid, just waiting around in your gut doing fuck all until the day that they decide to burst and kill you.

There is no goddamn way I'm going to click "Try some more" and I'm insulted to find that is the default option here.  We're clicking Raise Error because Fuck You, Avid.

This is a pretty good error.  Thanks.  Let's click More to see what you really mean.

Ahh, the folly of my ways.  Now we're getting the original debug message, except in an Avid style error handling window.  Awesome.  This means that the programmers didn't write the code to catch the thrown error before it broke the program, but instead got their error handling ass backwards to catch it AFTER the code broke.  Fucking hell, Avid, what the shitballs is wrong with you?  Stop hiring engineers and start hiring user interface developers.  Seriously.  Actually, I take that back - start hiring actual fucking professional editors and assistant editors to tell you what your program is actually being used for in the real fucking world.  Jesus.

Anyway, let's click OK and now we can see that this error is meaningless as Avid exits out just fine.  You know, maybe my project settings file didn't save, so like, a bin might open on launch or something.  Man, that was totally worth all this nonsense.  Grrr.  I wish I could tell Avid that no one gives a flying fuck about project settings files and just to goddamn ignore it when write errors happen.  Maybe one message like "Error saving project settings.  Please double check all settings the next time that you open this project."  That's all I need.  I don't need five different errors that all say that you don't know what the hell you're doing.  I already knew that.


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