Exception: Operation not supported on socket, filename:/Volumes/MediaDriveName/Avid MediaFiles/MXF/ComputerName.1/Creating/creating26

Clicking OK from this super helpful error message gives you the twice as helpful:
Literally twice as helpful.  Hooray.

The good news is that this is an easy fix to a dumb problem.  The problem is that your computer has dropped it's connection to the remote media drive during media creation (in this case, mine was named "TN02_CASTING_MEDIA").  My computer is named "zEDIT01_104B" which is why the media folder in the error message bears that name as well.  The title of this post has been made more generic so you can better understand where the files that you need to delete are living.

The fix to this problem is to quit avid (if it doesn't just crash out on you), dismount and re-mount your drives, delete the creating folder in the directory specified in the error message, and then start creating the media again.

So yeah, the error message is wrong, but the path is correct, so in the scope of Avid errors, this is - as stated - actually super helpful.  Even so, why the hell can't Avid tell that it has lost connection to its drives???

Ahh well, can't win 'em all.


  1. Hey, so the issue may go a bit deeper - if your drive is exFAT formatted, Avid will not export that AAF. My workaround in this case was to consolidate the sequence to a different drive, and then do my AAF export. As far as I've researched, it has something to do with exFAT drive permissions, and AVID. Grrr.

  2. Aaarrgh AVID! I usually use FCP X but I've taken a trip back into the 20th century world of Avid and have been fighting with it for months but v helpful to find this. I have 2 x 4 TB ExFAT drives full of media on a big project and have been really struggling to work out why the AAF export won't work. We wen with ExFAT because we are cross platform and it seemed a more robust solution than going with Paragon or MacDrive. I have learned my lesson. I'll try consolidating to an HFS+ drive before exporting AAF.


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