Range specified for Dup is outside range of component.

You don't say...

So this little error pops up when you try to play or copy a sequence that contains, well, pretty much what it says:  A range that's outside of the component.  And of course this error also prevents you from playing or copying that sequence.  Here's where being able to translate Avid's horrid "engineer-ese" into "actual goddamn useful information" is a pretty good skill to have.

Let's see... Upon consulting my Avid to English dictionary, I can see that what the error is saying is that whatever it is you are cacheing - be it for playback or duplication - contains invalid information about the duration of a clip.

The "Range" is the information in the sequence - it says, for example, that your clip exists from 10;00;00;00 - 10;00;01;00.  That's the range specified for Dup.  Whatever Dup is.  You'd guess duplication, until you realize that you get the same error just during playback.  I'm assuming Dup is the proper name of Avid's video media memory playback.  I mean, if I had a kid as stupid as Avid is, I'd name him Dup, too.

But I digress.  The "component" we're referencing here is the actual master clip (not the data about that clip that's saved in the sequence).  To get this error, your master clip TC would need to go from 10;00;00;00 - 10;00;00;15 or something similar.  As long as the actual master TC is smaller than the information in the sequence, then the "specified range" will be outside of the "component."  Get it?

But what the hell causes this?  From what I can tell, rendering motion effects will sometimes do this.  Usually, it's effects from Avid 3 that some asshole editor keeps on a thumb drive in his "FX 2 GO" bin so he doesn't have to actually create a new look for each show he's on, and that he keeps using on your projects even though you're using Avid 4, and which Avid 4 stupidly allows to be used.  Doesn't Avid have goddamn version checking?

So how do you fix this crap?  Well, it's pretty easy, actually.

First, find out which effect is causing the error.  To do that, just mark in to out over half of your sequence and then choose the "play in to out" button (default is the "6" key).  If you get no error, then the bad effect is not in that half of the sequence.  If you do get the error, then the bad effect is in that half of the sequence.  Once you know which half of the sequence the bad effect is in, repeat this step on half of that section, and so forth, until there's only one possible effect that could be causing the issue.

Then you want to open the effect editor on that effect, and drag the effect icon into your bin.  This will create a new (Avid 4) version of the effect.  Why it doesn't do this automatically when the effect is actually applied to your sequence (which would prevent this stupid error) is beyond me.

Next, remove the effect from your clip in the sequence.  Then drag and drop the version of the effect from your bin (the one you just made) onto the clip which you just removed it from.

Test playback and all should be fixed.

Man, this is a stupid fucking error.  Simply putting the Avid effect version update at the point of application instead of the point of creation within a bin would totally solve this issue.  Great coding, Avid.  Just great.


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