Mac Error - 111 (WhichZone failed (applied to free block))

This error sometimes occurs when you try to edit an existing title in the title tool.  You click in the title window, and get this error.  You try to close the title, and you get this error.  You're stuck.

This error is also yet another shining example of how terribly unintelligible Avid's errors are.  No one, and I mean literally no one, should ever be expected to memorize the error codes of the platform they're working on.  Period.  Put in a goddamn error handler and add some strings from the Programmer-Speak to Actual Normal Fucking English dictionary.

If you were to consult such a dictionary, you'd know that any time computers are talking about "free blocks" they're actually talking about RAM, or the type of hardware memory that computers use to run active applications.

Any time something having to do with memory fails, you're about to crash.

Case and point, what happens when you click "OK" in the error above?

System errors are bad news.

So how did we get here?  What is going on behind the scenes that caused this?  Well, in case you never played the 100% memory game, Avid has some major memory leaks, causing seemingly innocuous tasks to fill up available RAM like freaking crazy, and eventually the memory will be so full that you can't do anything... open a bin, close a bin, play a sequence, save anything, or even quit.  This title bug occurs somewhere in the 90-ish percents, where Avid has enough memory to open the title editor, but just can't bring itself to actually acknowledge that said editor is open and to let you mess around in it.

There's only minor good news here:  you can click behind the effect editor and save your bins in the background before Avid bites the big one.

Once you've saved everything, force quit Avid, and if you haven't kernel panicked yet, disconnect from ISIS or UNITY.  If that doesn't cause you to kernel panic, go ahead and restart the computer.  There you go:  A kernel panic.

Pretty sweet, Avid's Horrible Memory Leaks.  Pretty freaking sweet.


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