Avid Behaving Badly #20: LUTs break Multigroup Functionality in Avid 8.8.x and Avid 2018.x

Are you working on the newest, "top of the line," "best," Avid? Do you have multigroups? Are your multigroups completely fucking broken such that you can't select which camera is active in your quad or nine splits, and if you just cut the whole damn thing into your sequence, matching back into it actually takes you to a subgroup rather than the main group? If so, the problem isn't you. It's motherfucking Avid.

More specifically, Avid is crawling its way into the future of tapeless workflow and vast arrays of digital codecs in exactly the same way that a two year old might cling to every available surface in order to avoid being unceremoniously deposited into a crib. Seriously, Avid, why are you fighting the future? Why do you hate progress? Why can't you make LUTs work in any sort of reasonable way?

Wait... LUTs? Color Look Up Tables? Why the fuck are those even being mentioned in a rant about how bad Avid is at future proofing their product?

Well, it has to do with those broke-ass multigroups, and I can't tell you why. What I can tell, with absolute certainty, is that the problem is LUTs. Okay, I can tell you why: Avid's programmers don't give two fucks about you or your workflow and they want you to stab yourself in the eyes as soon as possible, preferably today. Don't do it! I've got a solution for you and, if I do say so, it's really goddamn elegant:

Don't delete that broken group. We're going to fix it with magic. Seriously. Avid has taken us back to the goddamn dark ages where people still believe supernatural spirits control their computers. Or something.

Anyway, go into your group work bin. Select all of your subclips. Right click those fuckers and choose "Source settings..." Find the section for LUTs. It should say something like "Slog 2" (because jesus christ modern workflow is a fucking slog, isn't it. Well named, Sony). Maybe it says "<multiple selections>" or something to that effect. That's fine. Whatever. Delete that shit. No matter what it says, delete it. No LUTs for you!

Save your bin and check out that group. Bam! It fucking works. Because Avid is bullshit and can't figure out goddamn new-fangled nonsense like color look up tables. You're welcome.


  1. Having this exact problem but unfortunately this solution is not working :/
    Specifically, the sequence is matching back to the audio sub-groups. Any solutions for that? Thanks in advance!

    1. And you cleared all LUTs from your source subclips while both the bin with the final multigroup and your edited sequence were open? That is odd. Sorry I don't know what could be causing that if the fix here didn't work.

  2. Hello! I did find your blog just now, but every day extreme working with fucking buggy sluggish Avid MC (PC) on TV news production I thought to create something like your blog using Elizabeth Olsen`s words: "pizdets suka blyad nahui" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OtA0JxInkQ) (I am russian). Now I`m your follower.


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