Exception: Cannot quick import a mixed resolution QuickTime movie

As with all things Avid, this is just stupid.  My Quicktime movie isn't mixed resolution, nor do I even know how I would go about making a mixed resolution movie.  What does that even mean?  Like halfway through, the resolution changes from 480p to 1080i or something?  Without even getting into why Avid seems to think that such a thing would ever exist, the fact of the matter is that this message is just completely fucking wrong.  Well, maybe not the text, per se - it's very possible that Avid cannot import a mixed resolution file, much in the same way that I cannot ride a goddamn unicorn to work.  What I mean is:  The thing causing this error is not the thing the error is talking about.

See, this message shows up when you're trying to import to a drive that's full.  I mean, come the fuck on, Avid.  Isn't "Error:  Not enough Space" a thing you used to LOVE showing back in the good ol' 3.1 days?  I seem to recall an "Error:  End of File not reached on Write" error at some point in your history as well, and even a very concise "Unable to Write File".  But no, not now.  Now you're throwing up this non-sequitir bullshit when the real problem is that my target drive is full.

So frustrating since the message makes it sound like the file being imported is the problem.  God damn it Avid, get your shit together.  You look like a fucking drunk.


  1. In Avid's terminology, resolution also refers to the format of the media - such as DNxHD 145 versus DNxHD 220 (Nice of them to choose a term that already has another established use, right?). I've seen this on exported media from After Effects with an alpha channel, so it does seem to appear for other reasons.


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