Avid Behaving Badly #12: Autosequencing in 23.976 NTSC doesn't Work

I'm working on a 24P show and we've been using the XDCam proxy files for our offline editing.  This season, however, we've added more cameras, and the multigroups lag when using the proxy MPEG-4 codec.  To solve this, we're transcoding everything to 8:1m.  So much for faster than real time capture.  But I digress.  In order to make the transcode happen, you have to change your project format to 23.976 NTSC or else the 8:1m codec won't even be made available to you.  Which is horseshit, but I digress.  After transcoding, I figured hey - there's no reason I can't make my timelines and groups in the standard def project, right?  Wrong.  There's a very good reason why I can't do those things, and it's that Avid is a piece of fucking garbage.  For a reason I cannot fathom, autosequences created in 23.976 NTSC projects don't match clip TC to sequence TC.  They just don't.

Change back to 1080P/23.976 and autosequencing works perfectly with the exact same clips in the exact same bins.

Stupid goddamn Avid.


  1. This just saved the last remaining hair on my head. Sincere thanks. Stupid irrational Avid.

  2. Thank you so much, this too saved me in my time of need. I love this post and this blog has been really helpful.


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