Exception: SYS_ERROR, OSErr: -5000

Dear ISIS:  I love you.  You're great.  None of the bullshit file count limits of Unity, I can fill your drives to 100% without issue, you have automatic redundancy built into your RAID storage, your control panel is .html based and runs in my browser, and you work over ethernet instead of requiring fiberoptic cable.  You're pretty fucking swell.

But there's this one thing you do sometimes that reminds me you're made by Avid.  See, it's like this:  When I create a user that has write access to a drive, and I log in as that user, I goddamn expect to be able to write to that fucking drive.

Instead, Avid gives me this:
What the fuck is that supposed to mean, Avid?  You're blaming the goddamn system OS for the fact that ISIS mounted my drive with incorrect permissions?  Why the christ would you do that?  Wait, wait - hang on while I get out my goddamn dictionary of What the Fuck OSErr: -5000 means.

Okay, yeah, this is a write error.  It means I can't write to the target drive.  Hey Avid, here's a tip:  When you can't write to the target drive, make an error window that says "Exception: I CAN'T WRITE TO THE TARGET DRIVE BECAUSE I'M A FUCKING TERRIBLE PROGRAM."  I could pay $1000 to a goddamn rabid squirrel and have an easier time figuring out why it's not doing what I want it to.  Seriously, get a goddamn clue, Avid.

Ahh, but the obtuse error message is the calling card of this piece of software.  To have Avid actually tell me something useful would be like buying Disney brand clothing made in the USA by people paid a living wage, or like riding a unicorn to work every day.  I really shouldn't be surprised that Avid doesn't tell me shit.

Back to the problem at hand, however:  This brief message just means you don't have write permissions to the drive that you're trying to write to.  Quit Avid, disconnect your drives, reconnect them, check them in the finder level to make sure you have write access, and relaunch Avid.  Easily solved once you know what on God's green Earth is going on.  And that term makes no sense:  Earth, the planet, is mostly blue, and earth, the substance, is fucking brown.  Stupid people who make up stupid idioms.


  1. I'm running MC 8.4 but it didn't work. Trying to import a .jpg and create a FF. Also couldn't render effects in effect editor. WTF!!!!!!

  2. Try quitting avid, unmounting drives, and re-mounting them again.

    The above blog post was made using Avid 6.5.4, and I have yet to even use Avid 8, so I can't say for sure that this will help you, but hopefully it works.

    The issue is that Avid is trying to write to a drive that it doesn't have permission to write to, so if remounting doesn't work, you should check individual drive permissions and make sure that the media drive you're trying to import to and the render drive are both marked as read/write for your ISIS login. Let me know if this works!


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