Avid Behaving Badly #10: Avid won't Quit

This is possibly the most ironic of the errors that I've encountered while using Avid.  Imagine, if you will, a program that crashes two out of every three times that you use it.  The only program on the Mac (at least that I'm aware of) that is so poorly coded as to literally require you to reset your PRAM on a regular basis just in order to keep it running.  Imagine that this program is so frustrating to use, so annoyingly buggy, that you just want to quit.

But you can't.

I hit Command-Q and I get the Mac "bonk" sound.  Avid doesn't quit.  Go to the File menu and choose "Quit."  Bonk.

What the fuck, Avid?  Of all the times that you could just crash me to the desktop, instead, you refuse to exit.  You dirty, sneaky, underhanded asshole.

Near as I can tell, this is a bug that only happens in Avid 5, which is good, because no one on Earth should ever go near that flaming piece of garbage.  It's the Final Cut X of Avids.  I'm just sayin'.

There's an easy workaround, but it doesn't allay the fact that this is just a terribly frustrating annoyance of a bug:  Close your project window, taking you back to the "choose a project" launch window.  From there, click the Quit button.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I hate you Avid.  So much.


  1. AVID sure has its moments of offering up some frustration - as do all editing applications. Why dont you upgrade to 7? Version 5.5 is ancient at this point...no wonder it crashes. One of the things I love about MC, and I am on v7.something, is that it DOESN'T crash like FCPX and FCP7 does/did.

  2. Hi Riceman! Thanks for the comment!

    If it was up to me, I'd upgrade to 7.x in a heartbeat, but I work for a company, and they rent from a rental house, and between the company being scared to change anything mid-season (or even between seasons) and the rental house only offering tech support for "established" versions of Avid... Yeah. At my old company (posts before September, 2013), we were on Avid

    It's a major problem with the larger TV post production houses; once you find something that works, you're loathe to upgrade because it would mean you've got to re-learn what all of the issues are as well as how to solve them. By all accounts Avid 7 is the most solid version they've put out in a while, but until I work for a company that's new enough to use it, I doubt I'll get to post much about it here.

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