Bus Thread Error #3: When Importing a Still Image

I don't know why I post all of the bus thread pictures; they all look exactly the same.  But whatever, here you go:

Pretty sweet.

This particular bus thread error was when attempting to import a still image for use as a graphic.  The file is a .PNG, and Avid hates it.  Importing the image into Photoshop and exporting a flat .PSD also failed.  so did a .TIFF.  And a .JPG.  And every other format we could think of.  Testing all of these formats was fucking awesome, because every fail results in this crash, and necessitates a relaunch of Avid.  Hooray for two minutes of sitting around with my thumb in my ass.

So what gives?  I can import other files, so it's not the act of importing.  I can import those files to the same drive I'm trying to import this particular file to, so it's not the drive.

Okay, what's going on with this graphic?  It's 720p, has transparency, is full-raster 16:9, and - oh.  What the fuck?  Why is the color space RGB instead of 601 or 701?  Goddamn graphics department doesn't know their color space has to be different for television.  Did I mention this is the network's graphics department?  Awesome.  Remind me to tell you about the time they gave us graphics that weren't title safe, and then rejected our color-corrected master tapes of said episode because - seriously - the graphics weren't title safe.  But I digress.

The color space still shouldn't fuck up Avid.  But lo - when I change it to 601 in photoshop and re-save the graphic, it imports just fine.  As it turns out, something about this particular version of Avid (, 720p stills with transparency, and RGB color space just makes the world end.  So stupid.

Anyway, an easy fix - though admittedly exasperating to test.


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