Exception: MVL_INSUFFICIENT_SPACE when Exporting to the Desktop

This is the error that appears when you export a file to the desktop and there's not enough space on your hard drive.  Man, what an idiot I was!  let me just check and see how mu- WHAT?!  I have six hundred fucking gigs free, Avid!!!  Did you miss that?  Is my thirty second SD file some magic format that takes up twenty gigs per fucking second?!?  No.  Don't even look, Avid, I'll tell you right now it damn well isn't.  No, my file is going to be about 24 Megs when it's exported.

So what in the flaming brimstones is going on here?  I'll tell you what.  There's a stupid goddamn effect that isn't rendered in the sequence, and instead of rendering to my render drive, Avid wants to render to the drive that the media lives on.  I have no clue why!  But it does.  So you have to set your Media Creation settings (again - this bug overrides previous settings) and then - just to be safe - manually render that bitch.

Export again, and no issues.  Fucking crazy ass Avid.  What will they come up with next?


  1. When a hero comes along....! Thank you!

  2. So what do you do if the media spans across multiple drives? We're on Nexis shared storage and every episode uses multiple drives: music/SFX/each episode's media.


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